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24th May 2015

12:08pm: the dream I dreamed.

 photo 1312563Dream.png

11:34am: desert.
Under the cities lies a heart made of ground
But the humans will give no love

       photo 1406790Desert.png

23rd May 2015

4:00pm: eavesdroppers.

         photo 1405466Converstion.png

15th May 2015

8:13pm: little trees.

           photo 1505830Trees.png

11th May 2015

10:03pm: my drawing of two chairs made by claud lalanne.
I drew these chairs from pictures I saw in a Sotheby's art auction catalog. The originals are in bronze.

 photo 1505814ClaudLalanne.png

        cushionCollapse )

6:31pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// matilija poppies.

         photo 1505810Matilija.png

 photo 1505812Matilija.png

6th May 2015

9:04pm: .

 photo 1501144People.png

2nd May 2015

11:06am: .

       photo 1311848Right4EachOther.png

27th April 2015

1:05pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// remedial work.

I noticed that my workbench maple top has warped over the years. It's only a problem when I do big work. I got an order for 9 big pieces, so it was time to straighten things out. Standing at the workbench, the front right corner had come up about 3/16", so I got out a plane and started reducing the surface. It took about an hour. Some of the glue build up I had to cut off using a small adze. The bench is heavily scarred from all the stuff I have made on it, except where I planed all that away last night.

There must have been some stress in the maple counter top I had purchased in 1975 to make my workbench, and soon a crack developed on the right side, which I fixed with a large butterfly cut from hard osage orange wood. The stress continued on to eventually warp the whole top. There's my new plane, and my very old Opinel knife - precious because 40 years ago when I got it, the blades were high carbon steel and hold a very sharp edge. I trued things up with my long straight edge, and I'm ready to go, although my shoulders feel the exertion from all the planing.

I mentioned I wanted to show some more workshop pictures, so here are some:

 photo 1504757Bench.png

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