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23rd February 2017

11:45pm: excavations. 6 & 7.
Ex. 6 is a selection of ephemera found in the mound. There were more of them, but they had faded and were illegible. Ex. 7 is a wadded up pile of napkins, and below, a characteristic example of the many love letters I recieve almost daily. It's penned on the back of an envelope. The napkins appear to have an indistinct image of my default LJ icon on them, or maybe it is another miraculous Sudarium discovery. There are several, why not this one too?

 photo 1702675ScaviEphemera4.3.png

22nd February 2017

8:23pm: two women.

     photo 1702559TwoWomen5.png

3:08pm: excavation. 4 (incomplete) & 5.
One of my old work gloves. Left hand. Found deep in the heap.

 photo 1702576Glove4.4.png

21st February 2017

6:01pm: excavation. 3.
A coffee can filled with push pins, labeled as such, with the inclusion of some drawing paraphernalia.

 photo 1702572CappuccinoCan4.5.png

20th February 2017

9:55pm: cat.
In the tell mound, there is a very small porcelain cat. It was hard to see clearly, so I decided to make a trial drawing to see what I could see. I'll try again for the final; I sent this one off to pal kdotdammit. This will do here for now until I draw another.

     photo 1702568Cat4.1.png

11:55am: excavation. 1 & 2.
Here are a ceramic piggy bank and a silver metal, heart shaped pendant that says "I love you" (must be Rikki's) that I found on my cabinet / tell. The piggy bank was empty; the cork in the bottom gone. What other fascinating finds will there be?

 photo 1702573ScaviA4.5.png

19th February 2017

11:06pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// here's a cabinet in my house.
I think maybe it is from India. The front has an elaborate, primitive chip carving. There's an accumulated mound of this and that on top. It's almost like an archaeological site: a tell. I think I'll excavate the mound over the next few entries.

         photo 1702569CabinetTell4.5.png

10th February 2017

11:32pm: cabinet pick.

           photo P1130489CabinetPick4.png

7th February 2017

9:38pm: .

           photo 1702485Drawing4.2.png

29th January 2017

10:16am: my rainbow coffee mug drawn on my cash register tape.
Morning cuppa while savoring court stay of biggest dick's Muslim immigrant ban.

       photo 1701476Cup4.1.png

19th January 2017

10:54pm: everything stops.

       photo 1701460TheWorldStops4.3.png

16th January 2017

10:49pm: in horemheb's tomb
I watched a video about Horemheb's tomb re-excavation and recorded some things I saw on my cash register tape.

 photo 1701461Horemheb4.png
1. farmers for the afterlife.

     photo 1701466Horemheb4.png
    2. shards from wine jar.

       photo 1701465Horemheb4.png
      3. coffin nails.

         photo 1701467Horemheb4.png
        4. items in the sarcophagus.

     photo 1701468Horemheb5.png
    5. strange underworld playmates: Anubis head and Turtle head.

10th January 2017

11:20pm: bobbi's day out in san antonio.
Mexican Cafe? Enchiladas? Guacamole salad?

     photo 1701458MexicanCafe4.png

5th January 2017

11:30pm: drawing on cash register tape.
I asked the cashier in Trader Joe's for a roll of cash register tape I saw in a box behind her. She deftly swept it into the bag and smiled at me. Later, in Prunedale, we stopped for some coffee...

     photo 1701456Drawing5.png

28th December 2016

10:22pm: fold-up pine occasional table.
Here's an idea I had about 30+ years ago. I never built this fold-up one but did make many non-fold-up things similar to this.

         photo 1612430OccasionalTable4.5.png

In a studio environment, fold-up things are always good because lots of space for projects is the first consideration.

22nd December 2016

9:36pm: near cambria, california.

     photo 1612424NearCambria4.6.png

21st December 2016

10:14pm: window.

         photo 1612422Woman3.6.png

20th December 2016

10:49pm: split open, thoughtless.
A small drawing I did a long time ago; I think after a Piranese engraving, but I can't remember for sure.

     photo 1612419RestiRotonda.png

13th December 2016

3:25pm: building I saw,
and a sketch of a stretcher I just made for an artist friend of mine 80x90". Breaks in half for transport.

       photo 1612370Buildig4.7_1.png

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