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25th August 2016

1:12pm: look who dropped in today for a visit...

 photo 1608071CoopersHawk.png

I think this is an immature Cooper's Hawk. It might have been taking a drink from the tap right outside the window. I hope it lives around here; I'd like to see it again. The males are smaller than the females - maybe this is a male.

Update: I found a dead pigeon in my yard. Maybe the hawk caught it and was coming down for a snack periodically. Some neighbors down the street started feeding pigeons about a month or two ago and these birds have been increasing a little around here it seems to me. Maybe the hawk is moving in too because of the abundance of well fed pigeons. I hope so.

I used a shovel to put the pigeon in a plastic bag and threw it in the trash. Maybe the hawk killed it, but maybe it had Bird Flu which I wouldn't want spreading around here.

23rd August 2016

9:53pm: fish.

     photo 1608985Fish5.5.png

13th July 2016

1:39am: bay.

           photo 1607818TheBay3.9.png

6th July 2016

5:49pm: photographer.

     photo 1607822Photographer5.7.png

1st July 2016

8:51pm: two women.

       photo 1606659Women4.2.png

30th June 2016

9:01am: play better.

 photo 1604484PlayBetter6.png

25th June 2016

8:11pm: "we should probably not... "
Seen on the internets:
         photo WeShouldProbablyNot3.5.png
Scottish golf course press conference

11:54am: photographer.

               photo 1606655Photograoher3.9.png

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