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11th July 2014

12:59pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah! //funville: you want it, we got it.
Linda, Kathy, Wanda, Juanita, and I contemplate the Funville porn palace over lunch at the B and W Cafe.

           photo 1407996Funville.png

9th July 2014

11:43pm: eugène boudin.
Here's a rare painting by Eugène Boudin up for auction this Sunday.

14076168  photo 14076168BoudinRecto.png
Eugene Boudin (French, 1828-1898), Beach Scene with Figures and Boats (double sided), oil on panel, signed lower left, panel: 5.5"h x 9.25"w

Here's the verso, clipped in the frame:
           photo 14076168BoudinVerso.png
          Starting: $4K. Estimate: $8-12K No bids yet.
Eugène Boudin was an early practitioner of plein air painting and a proto-impressionist painter who encouraged teenager Claude Monet to become a landscape painter.

2:36pm: struggling.

         photo 1405396Struggling.png

8th July 2014

9:59am: thriving vallejo series: yeah! //I got a thing about old and yellow.
Nice old house a few blocks from me on Sacramento Street. It's got lots of trees in the back, and I imagine myself playing electric guitar on the front porch to the passing cars. Thinking of getting a telecaster. I used to play guitar - it's been a long time.

       photo 1403890YellowHouse.png

6th July 2014

8:19pm: all way.

 photo 1406913AllWay.png

5th July 2014

9:27am: here's djaza with her new cat.
I traded for some work I did with artist Cate White, who is a client/friend of mine in Oakland. Everybody's happy.

 photo 1407987CateWhiteCat.png

4th July 2014

7:58am: melting pot.

 photo 1406940RedWhiteBlue.png

30th June 2014

8:24pm: .

         photo 1406689CityWindow.png

28th June 2014

5:54pm: Solar Panel Acreage Needed to Power the Entire Planet: 158 mi x 158 mi
"The three squares on the map, below, represent how much solar panel acreage would be needed to power Germany (marked "D"), Europe (marked "EU"), and the entire planet (marked "Welt"):

just 158 miles x 158 miles (c. 25,000 square miles) to power the whole world. It makes one wonder why the hell we aren't doing this already, though the obvious answer is suppression from Big Oil."

Article and links HERE.

10:03am: passacaglia.

 photo 1312336ManWalkingDarkSt.png

27th June 2014

7:23pm: yes we'r

           photo 1406280YesWer.png

25th June 2014

11:42pm: detail of another auction house painting.
I sometimes like the way the clothing is painted in portrait paintings. This can be an exciting opportunity for the artist to express something that is not a likeness of the sitter, but instead a calligraphic flourish of virtuosity in paint.

 photo 14062195FLaemmerer.png

Frederik Laemmerer, Dutch 1849-1902 Portrait of a Lady.
Oil on canvas 18.25x14.25
Estimate: $8-12K. Starting: $4K. Unsold. 14062195

23rd June 2014

3:01pm: .

 photo 1406776Elcerito.png

         photo 1406788ElCerito.png

17th June 2014

11:11am: two details of auction painting by Pruett Carter.

 photo 14062219GeorgeSand.png
Pruett Alexander Carter (American, 1891-1955) The Artistic Genius of George Sand and Chopin, oil on canvas.34.5x41.5. Detail of George Sand.

     photo 14062219StillLife.png
    Detail of still life on the table.

The glare on this dark painting made it impossible to get a complete image, plus, the colors had faded, but these details showed the painters skill I thought. He was a magazine illustrator in the tradition of N.C. Wyeth, and looking on google at other examples of Carter's work, I'd say he was an early influence on Roy Lichtenstein before he developed his comic book style. I very much like the virtuosic style of paintings like this.
Estimate: $1000-2000. Bidding start: $500. Hammer price: $2500.00.
(about $3,200 out the door.) 14062219

16th June 2014

7:20pm: earbuds: in.

       photo 1406687WomanInBlack.png

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