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29th September 2016

11:14pm: what's the message here?

           photo 1608975Message9.9.png

28th September 2016

8:15pm: interaction. still life.

       photo 1608023stillLife3.4.png

22nd September 2016

10:04pm: .

         photo 1602294Bicyclist4.3.png

13th September 2016

12:04pm: art critic.

         photo 1609112ArtCritic4.9.png

3rd September 2016

2:44pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// two happy women at the farmers' market.

         photo 1609088TwoWomenAtFmrsMkt4.8.png

I'd bought some grapes and wandered around a bit, was visiting Nate at Yesteryear antiques when these two came up and LaLune said, " Look at her dog, I just got her the bag at The Hub". (I'd just been speaking to them in there about the new Wild In The City painting show opening on the 9th at the Museum, about 15 minutes earlier. I hung that show Wednesday and Thursday for the Museum.).

I looked down at the little pug head sticking out of the dazzle bag: "Awww!" which apparently was the right response as they both started giggling. I asked if I could make a photo of them and had my camera out like that. It came out well, so LaLune got out her cell and I took several pictures of Harley, LaLune, and Pugs for her.

A nice experience at the Farmers' Market, one of Vallejo's best features.

25th August 2016

1:12pm: look who dropped in today for a visit...

 photo 1608071CoopersHawk.png

I think this is an immature Cooper's Hawk. It might have been taking a drink from the tap right outside the window. I hope it lives around here; I'd like to see it again. The males are smaller than the females - maybe this is a male.

Update: I found a dead pigeon in my yard. Maybe the hawk caught it and was coming down for a snack periodically. Some neighbors down the street started feeding pigeons about a month or two ago and these birds have been increasing a little around here it seems to me. Maybe the hawk is moving in too because of the abundance of well fed pigeons. I hope so.

I used a shovel to put the pigeon in a plastic bag and threw it in the trash. Maybe the hawk killed it, but maybe it had Bird Flu which I wouldn't want spreading around here.

23rd August 2016

9:53pm: fish.

     photo 1608985Fish5.5.png

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