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13th July 2016

1:39am: bay.

           photo 1607818TheBay3.9.png

6th July 2016

5:49pm: photographer.

     photo 1607822Photographer5.7.png

1st July 2016

8:51pm: two women.

       photo 1606659Women4.2.png

30th June 2016

9:01am: play better.

 photo 1604484PlayBetter6.png

25th June 2016

8:11pm: "we should probably not... "
Seen on the internets:
         photo WeShouldProbablyNot3.5.png
Scottish golf course press conference

11:54am: photographer.

               photo 1606655Photograoher3.9.png

22nd June 2016

8:02pm: detail of auction house painting.
I saw this one in May, a very nice gouache.

           photo 1605533TwoWomenArt4.3.png

Lot 6161. Clarence F. Underwood (American, 1871-1929), Figures on a Porch.
Gouache on paper. Estimates $1000-2000. Hammer: $800.

18th June 2016

9:35am: painting at auction house, detail.

 photo 1606618TugBoat5.6.png
Lot 702. Harbor Scene with Tugboat, artist unknown. Estimates: $200-400. Hammer: $150.
Lot 702Collapse )

17th June 2016

10:39pm: a collection of dolls at the auction house.

     photo 1606623DollsClars5.png
    (reminds me of Goya.)

8th June 2016

11:12pm: .

             photo 1606578Drawing2.51.png

3rd June 2016

10:39pm: Muhammad Ali,
renowned as much for his wit and principles as his fighting prowess,
died Friday night at age 74.

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