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18th November 2015

3:45pm: .

           photo 1511711Rose.png

15th November 2015

9:47am: our share.

         photo 1511695DirtyWhiteWall.png

9th November 2015

11:53pm: woman at corner.

       photo 1511696WomanAtCorner.png

26th October 2015

3:10pm: cafe.

           photo 1510604Shoe2.png

9th October 2015

10:15am: a man going somewhere on golden gate ave.
I take Golden Gate from my Credit Union to Market, then 6th a few blocks, and then left on Folsom to the last entrance to the Bay Bridge on my way out of town.

     photo a0a4f38c-552d-4a16-bac4-372d11b2c8b6.png

7th October 2015

10:49pm: greek sculpture.
I saw this in the gift store at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. (I'd taken my 82 yo Mom there on a visit.) I thought it must be a reproduction in resin, but an ultra fine one, and asked them how much. They apologized and said it was not for sale. It was original. Mrs. Gardner's will stated that nothing in her mansion could be moved, so they had to leave it in the gift shop. Tonight I saw a photo of it in a book, remembered this story, so I drew a picture of it. It was about 3 feet tall, marble. I felt kinda sheepish, but on the other hand, it was the only thing in the gift shop I would have wanted to buy, so, I don't know.

           photo 1510505GreekStatue.png

2:19pm: lacemaker.

         photo 1509497TheLacemaker.png

2nd October 2015

4:11pm: .

         photo 1510462FactryDor.png

30th September 2015

10:31am: Building #12 - 1941 - “Plate Shop #2" Pier 70, San Francisco.
Building #12 was constructed on newly leveled ground where Irish Hill once stood. It was used for the cutting and forming of steel plate for ship hulls.

 photo 1509466Bldg12.png

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