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10th February 2016

9:06am: woman with her phone.

                 photo 1602995WomanAndHerPhone3.png

6th February 2016

8:58pm: lookers.

 photo 1511781Lookers6.png

5th February 2016

11:04pm: carquinez strait.

       photo 1601974CarquinezStrait.png

4th February 2016

10:19pm: building boom (seen from bus).

 photo 1602022BuildingBoom6.png

10:17am: cabinet drawing.
I was thinking of making a cabinet to replace the piece of IKEA junk in my kitchen. The two on the left are front and side views and have doors. The one on the right is an open front on top. I use pine. I'm thinking: open front one.

     photo 1602994CabinetDrawing.png

3rd February 2016

10:12pm: superbowl city.

 photo 1602032SuperbowlCity1.png

2nd February 2016

10:29pm: cross walk.

       photo 1602983CrossWalk1.png

20th December 2015

11:03pm: golden gate.

             photo 1512810GoldenGate.png

19th December 2015

10:40pm: selfie.

       photo 1512907Me.png

6:33pm: office.

           photo 1512890Door_1.png

13th December 2015

10:41pm: planet.

             photo 1512869OurPlanet.png

9th December 2015

7:23pm: red.

         photo 1511694Red_1.png

29th November 2015

3:01pm: contra costa hills.

 photo 1510586AlbanyHills1.png

28th November 2015

9:16pm: beach guy.

                 photo 1511814BeachGuy.png

gouache, about 4x3"
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