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26th July 2015

1:31pm: disgusting republican. (redundancy)
Huckabee: conservative christian. what a first class moron. ↓

       photo 1507456DisgustingRepublican.png
...several days later, Mika Brzezinski:

11:20am: more auction dolls: chorus line.
There were hundreds of dolls this month at the auction house. Many were arranged on shelves in groups of the same kind, like these, which along with about twice as many more, were a single populous Lot.

 photo 1507051ChorusLine.png

24th July 2015

9:24pm: .

 photo 1411359Sutros.png

21st July 2015

10:15am: Six foot wide easel somebody wants me to make (for painting 8' wide paintings).
I do all my thinking on paper, making Leonardo notebook-like sketches to realize all the problems before I start cutting up wood. I must say, drawing is supremely satisfying; more than actually making and delivering the thing, I'm sure. It'll be 7' tall, have collapsible wheels, and be easily assembled for use, and disassembled for storage.

 photo 1507027BigEasel.png

             photo 1507028EaselLeg.png

19th July 2015

11:12am: cafe.

 photo 1501179Cafe.png

16th July 2015

8:09am: the embarcadero.

     photo 1503620Embarcadero.png

9th July 2015

2:50pm: shopping list.

       photo 1405482ShoppingList.png

8th July 2015

8:47am: (man in doorway.)

             photo 1501162ManOnStreet.png

5th July 2015

4:46pm: sf.

       photo 1412583SF.png

27th June 2015

10:14am: stage door. 42.

         photo 1501241StageDoor.png

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