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30th May 2016

10:57am: view of cliff house with ships, figures, and horses, san francisco.

      Auction paintng.

       photo 16054599CliffHouse.png

      Lot 4599. California Folk Art School (19th century), oil on canvas, unsigned, approx: 10" x 14"
      Estimates: $300-500. Start: $150. Hammer: $175. OTD: $227.00.

24th May 2016

10:41pm: rikki.

     photo 1511727Rikki4.8.png

21st May 2016

11:18am: new bernie posters.

       photo BernieBucks5.png
      CHeck out posters.

20th May 2016

8:53pm: pylon.

           photo 1605563Pylon4.51.png

18th May 2016

11:12pm: baseball cap.

         photo 1602242BaseballCap4.67.png

9th May 2016

5:26pm: watcher.

         photo 1602283Watcher2.51.png

8th May 2016

8:17pm: .

             photo 1604492Woman3.5.png

27th April 2016

11:44pm: 4th street.

 photo 1604493fourthSt6.png

15th April 2016

10:37pm: photographer.

     photo 1602284Photographer5.5.png

8th April 2016

12:18am: .

       photo 1604423Health5.png

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