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6th December 2016

10:52am: ooo-o-o... costco!

     photo 1612350Costco5.5.png

2nd December 2016

9:07am: corner somewhere.

       photo 1601331Corner4.1.png

12th November 2016

1:12pm: street scene.

 photo 1611168StreetScene6.png

21st October 2016

9:55pm: .

           photo 1610190IlRosso4.4.png

29th September 2016

11:14pm: what's the message here?

           photo 1608975Message9.9.png

28th September 2016

8:15pm: interaction. still life.

       photo 1608023stillLife3.4.png

22nd September 2016

10:04pm: .

         photo 1602294Bicyclist4.3.png

13th September 2016

12:04pm: art critic.

         photo 1609112ArtCritic4.9.png

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