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20th July 2014

11:36pm: artist friend cate white at headlands center for the arts.
A very interesting and stimulating day.

 photo 1407112Cate.png

                 photo 1407117Headlands.png

18th July 2014

7:39am: bridge.

       photo 1407097Bridge.png

7:20am: curb.

         photo 1407054Curb.png

17th July 2014

8:39am: our environment.

           photo 1407035Infrastructure.png

16th July 2014

2:55pm: one way.

 photo 1407060OneWay.png

11:34am: this is to this as this is to this. it's kind of sad to think about. fatalistic, ya know.

    Here's an artist building I know near the BART in Oakland, right by the gone Cypress Freeway. I always look in the windows as I speed by: second floor, NE corner. The door is down there near that white car. You go in and up two half flights of wooden stairs to a diagonal corridor through the building. It's a weird layout. The stairs produce a slow trebly sound, boom, boom, boom: my feet, the echoey space, always carrying something.

     photo 1407034ThisIsToThis.png

8:51am: quick visit in yesterday. some little trouble to quell.

         photo 1407068SutterSansome.png

14th July 2014

3:09pm: berkeley industrial.

     photo 1407024IndustrialGilman.png

11th July 2014

12:59pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah! //funville: you want it, we got it.
Linda, Kathy, Wanda, Juanita, and I contemplate Vallesium's FUNVILLE over lunch at the B and W Cafe.

           photo 1407996Funville.png

9th July 2014

11:43pm: eugène boudin.
Here's a rare painting by Eugène Boudin up for auction this Sunday.

14076168  photo 14076168BoudinRecto.png
Eugene Boudin (French, 1828-1898), Beach Scene with Figures and Boats (double sided), oil on panel, signed lower left, panel: 5.5"h x 9.25"w

Here's the verso, clipped in the frame:
           photo 14076168BoudinVerso.png
          Starting: $4K. Estimate: $8-12K. Hammer: $6500.
Eugène Boudin was an early practitioner of plein air painting and a proto-impressionist painter who encouraged teenager Claude Monet to become a landscape painter.

2:36pm: struggling.

         photo 1405396Struggling.png

8th July 2014

9:59am: thriving vallejo series: yeah! //I got a thing about old and yellow.
Nice old house a few blocks from me on Sacramento Street. It's got lots of trees in the back, and I imagine myself playing electric guitar on the front porch to the passing cars. Thinking of getting a telecaster. I used to play guitar - it's been a long time.

       photo 1403890YellowHouse.png

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