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18th July 2018

6:58pm: couple o' cheap-ass pen drawings.

      The view out the window of the physical therapy place Rikki goes to in Vacaville.

            Two Swann auction catalogs containing etchings and prints, and a Christie's catalog.

3rd July 2018

4:39pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// mare island visit.

      Napa River/Mare Island Strait. Vallejo lies across the river.

    Abandoned, toxic, shipyard buildings.

14th June 2018

10:13pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// lele lost a sock.
Lele lost a sock in my backyard. I drew this picture of it and then placed the sock over the drawing so she would see it. It's drawn on our outdoor workbench which is actually an old office desk we found out in the alley. It's pretty solid. We mostly use it for gessoing artist panels and as a router and sanding workbench.

12th June 2018

12:46pm: journey to vacaville.
Today we went to Rikki's physical therapist for the first time. She has some pain issues to work on. I think she had a positive experience with the therapist, which bodes well. I made a map to direct us to the place. Maps are a particularly interesting conceptual type of drawing. I always make them for everywhere I go. I am inspired by medieval and renaissance maps. (But everyone probably can see that already.)

11th June 2018

7:44pm: postcard to warren.
One of my woodworking clients is Warren. He's an 85 yo artist who is having a corneal transplant operation today. He was worried about it the other day when Rikki and I brought over three framed paintings to his studio that we had gotten ready for display. I drew this postcard for him and sent it out to his home. He should get it by Thursday.

That's me and Rikki holding a picture of him with new eyes. Kind of Grunewald inspired I thought after drawing it.
Wishing you well, Warren.

6th June 2018

1:56pm: write.

1st June 2018

7:54pm: mechanic.

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