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28th July 2019

11:28am: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// wanderingly obsessed citizen describing vision.
A quick sketch on my Grocery Outlet receipt as I was being harangued about some deity...not so unusual.

27th July 2019

11:02pm: s f bay.

26th July 2019

7:50pm: only a small, imaginary factory. drawn on a scrap of an empty vanilla wafers box from the trash.
For the longest time I lived in a small industrial building by myself. Occasionally someone I knew would stay with me, sometimes for a few years. I became haunted after living there that long, so I moved, came here. I might have stayed longer, and been OK, well maybe, but probably not. I should have thought about it carefully though; projected into this unknown present.

The vanilla wafers box paper is kind of like a soft bristol board. I was curious how it would draw on with the thick childrens' pencils I like using, so I cut it up. Thick stiff paper is always best for me.
        (Psst... [--|-] φ )

23rd July 2019

9:56am: inconnue.

7th July 2019

12:24am: dumbass proud boy.
n 1: a stupid person; this word is used here to express a low opinion of neo-nazi intelligence thug mentality.

3rd July 2019

10:49pm: windblown cypresses at park ranger station, central coast.

1:34pm: salinas valley.

1:03am: tяump concentration camp Independence Day Celebration.
One of my checkbook sketches.

This check was to City of Vallejo for my water bill. These asylum seeking, immigrant children must have been late in paying their water bill, and so now the water is shut off (except for the drinking toilet).

We have been dishonored by this hellish ogre, Never forget.

2nd July 2019

10:19pm: quick little sketch that pleased me.
She was talking about the history of ballet and the power of women: Darcey Bussell. A TED talk.

23rd June 2019

1:01am: *click* ≈bangs≈ . . . gracie's back.
another checkbook sketch.

18th June 2019

4:18pm: GNO: gracegiver @ berkeley botanical garden. checkbook sketchbook.
Tomorrow I'll meet up with her in Berkeley for fun in the California sun.


these are summer fashion ads that google keeps sending to me in news articles -

they are convinced I'm interested in these ads I guess - carefully selected by their magical algorithms. They're kinda nice, but I don't think I will be wearing any of them in Berkeley.

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