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19th October 2019

8:13pm: two women crossing, embarcadero @ market.

1:57pm: Istanbul.
Here is a drawing I did just now from a print by Muirhead Bone who I hadn't heard of before. The print was up for auction in Oakland, CA. He was an important official war artist for the UK during WW1. Between the wars he traveled extensively in Europe. I haven't been to Istanbul, but my sister has.

18th October 2019

5:46pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// waiting.
After a flare up and escalation with security at the hospital, I drew a woman in the waiting room while I waited for Rikki.

23rd September 2019

10:29pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// @ the DMV
Today Rikki had her DMV appointment to get a new ID. I brought one of my checkbook sketchbooks to draw thumbnails of the people while they waited in line. DMV was very fast today, so I only did this one sheet. They are about 1 minute each. I'd thought to be there longer and do maybe 30 or 40 of these. We were OK with leaving DMV, a place everyone loves to hate (and loves telling everyone else (me) how much they hate it).

22nd September 2019

1:20pm: small drawings. 91-96

17th September 2019

2:53pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// boat person / commuter on ferry to sf.
small. I like this rough paper. At a paper store I asked to see their rough paper - not manufactured anymore because our printers can't handle it.
Art store paper: very expensive. $2.+/sheet. Rough surface: looks like Paleolithic image.

I saw a video of Banksy (in disguise) in the British Museum. On a chunk of sidewalk concrete he had drawn, with a Sharpie (remind anybody of anybody?) a crude sketch of a homeless figure pushing a shopping cart while hunting bison. He pulled it out of his trench coat and attached it to the wall with Velcro in a gallery of ancient artifacts from the Near East, including a label. He then left. It was in the museum for several months before anyone noticed. I suppose it is still in the museum, except moved to a contemporary gallery.

14th September 2019

7:14pm: contemplating work in progress.
A drawing on an envelope from some bill that came the other day.

23rd August 2019

4:20pm: hang him up.
checkbook sketchbook

The “chosen one” carelessly opened his stupid, puckery mouth again, ”ordering” businesses to leave China, and thus fouling the DOW, once more; over 600 points this time. Why would they do that when China is more stable than the US with tяump impetuously running things into the ground via twitter and causing chaotic instability on a daily basis. A cabinet of inept appointee loyalists intent on hobbling the government and rule by whim are not an environment a successful business seeking stability would want to return to I wouldn’t think — unless they understand that their money will talk bigly.

11/2020 can’t come soon enough. Get Out The Vote!

22nd August 2019

8:43pm: gum sing market, san francisco.
checkbook sketchbook.

19th August 2019

8:46pm: illa de menorca. gràcies benicek.

        from benicek in the UK.
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