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24th April 2018

9:15pm: from one of zyzyly's photos.

Hi, zyz. I decided to try and draw your photo from this post.

2nd April 2018

11:37pm: face.

1st April 2018

6:44pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// we had a happy holiday; far and wide, we hope you did too.
Here are four Easter eggs I painted with gouache.

    My back yard, Oval O devil rabbit, Rikki, and Duccio.

        Two good eggs.

30th March 2018

12:56am: not enough.

23rd March 2018

8:10pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// city hollers. (checkbook sketchbook)
I had to write a check to City of Vallejo. Here are a happy few of them that gets it.

19th March 2018

11:14pm: museum visit.

18th March 2018

9:10pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// buildings on indian alley near marin st. (checkbook sketchbook)
I was sitting outside earlier today drawing and waiting for Rikki to get her friend Lele who was "domestic disputing" with her boyfriend Dan. Dumb Dan better watch it. TT, Lele's other boyfriend, is a someone nobody should annoy.

14th March 2018

11:18pm: section of scrap with lots of doodles of things I was thinking about.
Some kind of public transit - probably solar powered, and on the right, an idea for rearranging my woodworking shop.

10th March 2018

9:54pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// wreckage north o' town.

8:58pm: fresh air. fresh body. fresh mind.
One, two, three, part of four, and seven. Work in progress.

KDD challenge

7th March 2018

7:56pm: stormy meetup.

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