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23rd June 2019

1:01am: *click* ≈bangs≈ . . . gracie's back.
another checkbook sketch.

18th June 2019

4:18pm: GNO: gracegiver @ berkeley botanical garden. checkbook sketchbook.
Tomorrow I'll meet up with her in Berkeley for fun in the California sun.


these are summer fashion ads that google keeps sending to me in news articles -

they are convinced I'm interested in these ads I guess - carefully selected by their magical algorithms. They're kinda nice, but I don't think I will be wearing any of them in Berkeley.

13th June 2019

7:42pm: kakistocrat Kellyanne Conway . . . party of tяump / checkbook sketchbook.

With Sarah Sanders out as Press Secretary, and a statement from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel that Kellyanne Conway should be removed from federal service for repeatedly violating the Hatch Act, a law that prohibits government employees from engaging in political campaigns, this Thursday has been rather good.

24th May 2019

10:38pm: old city.
from a 1770's book about the city of Pesaro. looks like a great place.

8:35am: city
checkbook sketchbook: I like this paper the duplicate is made from.

5th May 2019

3:42pm: thots on tЯUm.
posted on Daily KOS

27th March 2019

12:02am: rock climbers.

20th January 2019

10:53pm: critique of company I once worked for.

        (I found this in an old folder... "Oh yeah, them," I thought.)

9:40pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// empty metal building along the river.

19th January 2019

10:31pm: thriving vallejo series: yeah!// dunphy's tavern.

      Cement factory, ruins north of town.

14th January 2019

3:10pm: waiting during rikki's angiogram: two imaginary places where I whiled away some me-time.
SF flat in an alley in the Haight.

old farm with barn/studio (incl. 2BR/1 bath) plus, wind power, off grid generator.

25th December 2018

5:37pm: ozymzndias.

I listened to Handel’s MESSIAH earlier today, but even that could not ease my troubled thoughts about tяump. Here is a small, slightly altered snippet from part two:

We shall break him, dash him in pieces, like a
potter’s vessel. We will laugh him to
scorn, and have him in
derision (and in
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